CHRIS McCARVER is a freelance writer and illustrator based in Springfield, Mo. Since 2010, he has co-written various reference works for Marvel Comics, including nineteen issues of the Official Index to the Marvel Universe and supplemental material for four of the TPB collections of that series.  He’s also contributed to Marvel: The Expanding Universe Wall Chart, the Avengers NOW! Handbook, and updated character biographies for the Thanos: Redemption TPB.

In addition to his work for Marvel, Chris has written and illustrated several short stories for GrayHaven Comics as well as the graphic novel adaptation of J. Neil Schulman’s novel, Alongside Night. He is presently involved in translating Shane Moore’s horror novel series The Apocalypse of Enoch into graphic novel form alongside illustrator Gerry Kissell.  He is also acting as editor for Astralnaut Studios’ Vindicated, Inc., also illustrated by Kissell.

When not submerging his brain in worlds of wonder and intrigue, Chris tredges the murky waters of the American healthcare system as an insurance billing representative for a Springfield-area hospital and enjoys the company of his girlfriend Alisha, son Nick, and geriatric Shih Tzu, Murphy.